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Irymple Post Office


Take in the stunning

Facade & Outdoor Design

We have restored the Irymple Post Office to it’s former glory, the front facade area has been cleaned up and looks very smart with the brickwork and white trimming around the windows and bright roofttop. The clean front entrance with the simple white rail and dark timber floorboard is a clean and effective entrance to the post office.

The inner design is bright and modern with clean white walls surrounded by commercial style carpet and a beautiful reception timber floor which just glimmers against everything white that touches it.

Take a moment to walk through our

Inner Design

Check out the family friendly

Backyard & Entertainment Area

While the backyard is small, it is a great entertainers area that really utilises the space available with fixed seating. The centrepiece being the entertainer TV area is a stunning jaw dropper when you see it up close.


bedroom-ico 4 Bed bathroom-ico 2 Bath car-ico2 2 Garage storey-ico 1 Storey

Room Dimensions

Residence 192.83 sqm
Porch 1.64 sqm
Outside Liv. 29.41 sqm
Garage 41.88 sqm
Total 265.76 sqm -

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