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Hawdon Street, Dareton

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Facade & Outdoor Design

Hawdon Street, Dareton | UBS Mildura | Homebuilders Mildura

Our new residential home design at Hawdon Street, Dareton small and cozy home, perfect for the small family or an investor.

The exterior design features the classic brick with a clean tin roof. Window trims and steel beams and timber around the facade of the home, including the garage all feature the same colour which keeps a consistent and smart look to the home.

The inner home design utilises a clean and bright style, with bright white walls and moderately dark tiles. This allows the home to feel quite open and large, while being bright and taking in a lot of light.

The style is followed through the home, from the kitchen, vanity area, bathroom, to the bedrooms and the study room.

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Inner Home Design

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Backyard & Entertainment Area

The outdoor enterainment features a small paved area to site outside and relax, which opens up to the much larger backyard.

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